Hawaii Sunsets

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“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.”

-Kristen Butler

For those of you don’t know me well, I am forever that girl that gets excited when I see the sky light up with beautiful colors as the sun sets. The only sunsets I don’t like are the ones I miss. Sunsets are just as different as snowflakes or people, no two look exactly the same because no two are happening in the same moment or day. There’s just something about watching the sun bid adieu and seeing the way the sky changes and transforms that has also fascinated me and leaves me in awe every time, especially the colorful ones! I often would plan my hikes around when the sun would set so I could be at a specific spot in time. And on the trips to Hawaii that I’ve been lucky to have taken, I planned every day that I could around watching the sun set. I’m pretty sure on my last trip that I got to see the sun set every single day I was there! And of course I know I’m not alone in this love for the day’s end and the suns farewell, which is why I want to share some of my favorites that I’ve been able to both witness and catch on camera, starting with sunsets from my favorite place! And I think that especially in the challenging times that we are facing right now in this world and in the USA that we could also use a reminder of the beauty in the world that still surrounds us.

Next stop for beautiful sunsets will be in my old home state of Arizona!

May Flowers


“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”


Take a moment to close your eyes and reflect. What words, images, or memories come to mind when you hear the world flower? The possibilities may be endless. Now, can you close your eyes again and imagine a world without flowers? A world without bright blossoms that paint a colorful canvas across an otherwise monotone field or desert? A world without the harmonious scents that spread into the air? A world without all of the foods that are produced through the miracle that is a flower?

Flowers have been around for over 100 million years and without them, it seems unlikely we would be here ourselves. Flowering plant species are vast and outnumber the other types of plants that exist on this earth (National Geographic, Michael Klesius). Flowers can bring a smile to most anyone’s face and have surround us for centuries in our celebrations of both life and death. We give flowers to bring comfort, encouragement and support. Flowers symbolize happiness and love. According to Edward Currin, “Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound.”

Reflecting on the history of flowers, their vital function to life as we know it, and their beauty, it’s no wonder why myself and many others become enamored by them. Fascinated by their uniqueness, their fragility yet enormous strength to thrive and emerge from adversity. Captivated by their splendid colors that bring so much vibrance to the world.

So as I continue to explore the world through a lens, attempting to encapsulate these little miracles within a photograph has been a continued pleasure of mine. I find myself in awe time and time again as I stumble across them everywhere I go. Sure I have some favorites, but I really love them all!

And because April Showers Bring May Flowers, and May is a month of many celebrations for me and my family, it seemed like the perfect time to share some of my favorite flower moments with you!

Here are my top 10 flower moments that I’ve captured in the last few years. Feel free to leave a comment below- I’d love to hear which one is your favorite (or if you have a personal favorite flower moment you’d like to share)!


The beautiful Iris from Ann Morrison park taken May 2020 is like a beautiful dancer with its delicate, flowing petals. It’s vibrant purple is my favorite color and it reminds me of my recent explorations of beautiful Boise.


Tree blossoms at Veterans park in Chandler Arizona in 2018. I love the beautiful vibrance and contrast of the pink against a brilliant blue sky and these beauties remind me of the many walks I took here and many other parks in Arizona with my parents


Cactus flower on one of the many hikes I took in 2018-2019 season on South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. I love the contrast of the harsh cacti needles that surround soft, fragile flowers that magically blossom and bring color and brightness to the desert each spring. These hikes were one of my favorite pastimes in my old home. Just me, my camera, my hiking partner Raven (dog), and the beautiful desert mountain landscape!


This image of poppies on South Mountain in Phoenix Arizona from a hike with my parents in 2018 is still one of my favorite flower photos because of the way the blooms look as it they are lit up inside from the sun. And it reminds me again of the beauty that comes in a desert in spring.


The name of this flower is unknown to me, but I refer to it as the flower in the tree. This was taken in 2018 in the Allerton Gardens in the tropical paradise that is the Island of Kauai. We were on a guided tour of this wonderland of plant life when I looked up and saw this beautiful flower sprouting atop a tree branch at least 15 feet in the air. Nature never ceases to amaze and this image is one that hangs on my wall as a reminder of one of the most unimaginably beautiful places on earth


While not the most captivating photograph, this image is of the first flower to bloom at my new home in Boise, the beautiful tulip. I never realized how wide they can open and how glossy and shiny their petals can be. These blooms came just in time for Easter and added a spectacular splash of color to our backyard. This image reminds of both my new home and my childhood home of Ohio where we had tulips in our front yard.


Lilies at the Chicago Botanical Gardens in 2018 during a trip to spend time with my in-laws. They took my to this amazing paradise of flowers, a photographer and nature lover’s heaven. I loved that these flowers grow sprout in the water and the contrast of bright purple and green delighted me!


Flowers on lava rock in the Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Volcano National Park is a place where you can really see how flowers come from adversity. One of the first things to sprout from the hardened lava are little pink flowers. This image reminds me of that mystical place where life emerges from death in such a breathtaking way.


The bleeding heart (Dicentra) plant is my favorite flower, tied with the Orchid (see below). It is such a unique flower and how can you now love a heart-shaped flower?? I have not had the opportunity to capture many of these beauties, but I recently planted one on my backyard so hoping there are some for me to capture soon! This one was from the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, AZ that I explored with my mother a couple of years ago. There were just two struggling plants by the entrance but I still had to try to capture them. I’ve been obsessed with them since my childhood when we had one plant in our backyard. I found them on our honeymoon in Whistler, Canada and when I saw them growing here in Boise I was ecstatic!


Orchid Flower in at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii. This is one of my favorite flower photographs that I’ve taken of one my favorite flowers, in one of my favorite places. These flowers grow in beautiful tropical places and have been gifted to me many times. They come in so many unique sizes and shapes (there’s a whole garden of them on the Big Island of Hawaii just outside of the Volcano National Park!) but this classic pink beauty is one of the best.

Thank you for taking the time to relive these flower moments with me and to celebrate one of Earth’s greatest creations! If you’d like to see more flowers and plants that I’ve captured just click on the button below!

Kauai Photography Adventure


Today I’m looking back to 2018, when I took an amazing trip to Kauai. Just as with every trip, I started an itinerary and began looking for the best ways to explore and discover this lush tropical island. I felt so lucky to have stumbled upon a blog on Pinterest that recommended something I never knew existed- a photography workshop! After doing a little research, it seemed like it would be a great experience. There were group workshops or you could create your own custom individual workshop. After contacting them, I decided it would be worth splurging for – a chance to work with professional photographers. Not only was it was chance to learn more about my camera and the several functions that were still somewhat mysterious to me, but I was able to meet and spend time with two amazing, passionate people and doing something we both love in one of the most beautiful places on Earth! Although the weather didn’t cooperate fully- there were no amazing sunrises or sunsets, I still got to stand atop a cliff overlooking the Waimea Canyon with the wonderful Mallory (a native Ohioan like me!) as the sun rose, and to capture the majestic waves as they repeatedly crashed against the cliffs of Poipu with the owner, Patrick Kelley. I learned how to capture long-exposure shots, and to utilize my camera more effectively in low light. They both offered unique perspectives into the world of photography and their passion and love for what they did shined through their words and actions. I’ve included their information in hope that I can share this information with others as I had found it through word of mouth online. And of course, my favorite captures from the day are below!

Unfortunately I just discovered that Kauai Adventure Photography Workshops ended at the beginning of this year after 7 amazing years. Patrick and Mallory both still continue to do amazing work which you should check out both can be followed on Instagram and Facebook. The workshop website offers recommendations for another workshop if you do travel to Kauai and want to have a similar opportunity (https://www.kauaiphotoworkshops.com/workshops ).

If there is any one thing you take away from this blog post other than the necessity to visit this beautiful island, it’s that taking an chance to do something that might seem a bit out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to grow your skills but also as a person. I know in my heart this is one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had and it inspires me to seek out more of these adventures and to continue to learn so that maybe one day I may be lucky enough to be the one of the other side that can offer such an experience to other newcomers like me. You only have one life to live so do not pass up opportunities like this if they come to you!

And my deepest thanks and appreciation to Patrick and Mallory! Mahalo!

Visit the websites of these two amazing photographers by clicking on the buttons below or view their latest Instagram posts:

UPCOMING: To see more about the amazing island of Kauai, including more photos and recommendations, make sure to follow me for an upcoming blog that continues the adventure of this magical island and the other islands of Hawaii!